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Managing your space with Screenflex Room Dividers is easy and affordable. By using foldable partition walls, you can construct the flexible space you desire. Create a portable classroom, art studio, tutoring center, collaborative learning area, or testing center within minutes.

Best of all, our sound absorbing folding partition walls dampen noise and reduce visual distractions to provide you with an optimal learning environment. Need to create an art display or hang informational material? Due to the design of our freestanding partitions, items can be tacked, pinned or stapled to the panels for years to come. Our portable wall partitions arrive fully assembled and ready for the customer to roll it into position upon delivery.

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Available as a pdf, our catalog provides you with prices and specifications on our 36 sizes and 38 colors. More importantly, it will guide you in creating the exact layout to fit your needs. For more information contact our experienced sales consultants at 855-308-2122


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Benefits and Features


Visual Barrier

Acoustical panels are tightly hinged to each other from top to bottom, leaving no gaps or openings between them. This makes them ideal for hosting multiple events or when you need visual privacy.

36 Screenflex Sizes

Available in 6 heights and 6 lengths along with the option of linking multiple dividers together means you’ll find the perfect size divider for your space!


Sound Absorbing

We use a corrugated honeycomb core covered on both sides with two layers of sound-absorbing insulation to reduce up to 65% of the ambient noise in a room. Perfect to create a portable classroom.


Tackable Surface

Screenflex portable dividers are meant to be used as a display surface. Use thumb tacks, push pins, or staples over and over again with no damage to the panel’s interior core or the fabric!

38 Colors

We have color choices to match any decor. Do you want room dividers that blend in, stand out, or compliment your room's existing decor? Our full range of color choices is sure to please!

Environmentally Responsible
and USA Made

Our dividers are constructed with 76% recycled materials and are 100% American made in Lake Zurich, Illinois.

Screenflex Portable Wall Partitions
Store Easily and Set-Up Quickly!

Room Dividers Closed and Opening
One Person Set-up
Outfitted with self-leveling, non-marking rubber casters, our dividers are designed for easy mobility by a single person. The self-locking storage latch keeps the divider in a closed position for compact storage and ease of mobility. Additionally, our unique frame design with grab bar makes portability easy with no obstructed view while moving the divider.
Sound Absorbing
With up to a 65% reduction in sound (depending on dividers height and configuration) you can expect a quieter, more private space. The combination of visual privacy and reduced noise is ideal for teaching, studying or testing environments! Call us at 855-308-2122, to receive our NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating.
Instant Art Display
Create art displays anywhere in your school with our freestanding partitions! Screenflex panels are designed to withstand repeated use of tacks, pins, or staples, without damaging the core or fabric covering. Post parent information, posters, student class assignments, or artwork onto the folding partitions. Use Our optional art hanger to display heavier objects or framed art.
Sturdy and Strong
Durable and stable room dividers are a must when you’re using them in public places and especially around children. Screenflex folding partition walls are designed to remain stable on all floor surfaces. Our welded tubular steel end frame keeps the divider’s weight low to the ground for added stability and durability.
High-Quality Materials and Craftsmanship
For over 25 years over two million schools, churches, and other facilities chose Screenflex Room Dividers to solve their room dividing needs. Our partitions are constructed from the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques to provide you with the best room divider on the market. We’re so sure of our quality that we offer our customers an 100% money back guarantee!
3 Year Warranty
Screenflex portable wall partitions are covered by a 3-year warranty from defects in material and workmanship from the date of delivery. For additional questions and inquiries regarding our warranty please contact our customer service department, 855-308-2122.

36 Screenflex Sizes Available

No matter the space requirements in your school, finding the right size room divider for your need is our specialty. Since no two rooms are alike we offer our customers a free no-obligation design space plan. Contact a sales consultant today to receive your free space planning guide, 855-308-2122.
36 Screenflex Sizes Available

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38 Fabric and Vinyl Colors

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36 Screenflex Sizes Available

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You may be wondering why are prices are not shown online. Screenflex Room Dividers are made in many sizes, colors, and model variations and we want to ensure you receive accurate information on the correct room divider for your space. We would be happy to mail or email you a price guide upon request. Call our experienced sales consultants who can provide you with pricing, size and color options for your unique situation.

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Because we know your specific Room Divider situation is unique, we make many models in many sizes and colors.
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Q: Why must I contact you to see your pricing? A: With 36 sizes and 38 colors to choose from, we want to ensure you receive the right room divider and pricing for your spacial needs. For immediate pricing and information contact one of our sales consultants, 855-308-2122.


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